Green Peter 06/18/11

It was more of the same at Green Peter, although I had a great time fishing with just my wife Debbie and our two dogs this time.  Even took an hour break on shore to let the dogs run around eat some lunch and have a cold one.   Ok so let’s get down to the fishing details we ended up with 15 nice kokanee in the cooler I let 2 small kok’s go but had to keep 2 because they were hooked to bad.  They are next year’s fish so I try to release them if at all possible.  Our first two fish of the day were 15 inches and I thought man these are getting big the rest of them were 12 & 13 inches with two 8 inches.  Best rig of the day orange R & K micro hoochie with a glow tip behind a homemade sling blade.  We were using a 15 to 18 foot setback and had my gear running at 60, 55, 50, & 45 feet best scent was corn with salmon eggs in it to color it pink, “I got a good tip from David Martin on some stuff to put in your corn that I’m going to have to try I’ll let you guys know how it works”.   I always play around with my set back when I’m on the lake but they seemed to want it around 15 feet.   It started raining in the afternoon and I was glad I brought the heater and have a top on the boat.  It was a great trip ended up with some kokanee, and got to spend some quality time with my wife Debbie.

Think I might try a different lake next weekend but not sure…. I’ll keep you posted.

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