Green Peter 07/12/13 – 07/13/13

So the wife and I headed to Sunny Side Campground, in Sweet Home, for a weekend of fishing at Green Peter with some friendly competition at the Kokanee Power of Oregon Derby on Saturday.  We had the camper packed the dogs loaded and were looking forward to bringing home a ton kokanee.  We got camp setup on Thursday and planned our fishing day for Friday to take Robbie from R & K Spinners out fishing with us, we both wanted to test out a few new items and scout out the lake to figure out where the BIG kokanee were hanging out. 

Robbie watching the rod…..

All the fish at Green Peter are running small this year, 8 to 12 inches, so I knew it would be a close derby.  Having a full day to check out the lake was worth its weight in gold.  We fished a ton of locations and the normal spot’s that hold the bigger kokanee came up empty and I was surprised to see the bigger kokanee still hanging out around Tally Creek.

Test Lure that I’m calling a Twisted Hoochie… This is a big one, keep it under your hat. It will be out for the 2014 season…

Normally the kokanee would have migrated toward the dam, but for some reason they are content to hang way east of the island.  It might be because of the lack of boat traffic down there or the amount of food but there is a TON of fish in that area of the lake.  “LET’S KEEP THAT A SECRET!!!!” The three of us ended the day with 51 kokanee and I knew exactly where I was going to fish for the derby. 

My dog’s taking a nap.

Robbie showing off a new dodger and a R & K Hoochie…

Did I tell you that Spin N Glo’s catch kokanee!!!!

The fish were running 50 to 70 in the water column and chartreuse was a killer color on Friday with my Mysis bugs with the new Mack’s Lure Chartreuse Silver Tiger smile blade absolutely killed them.  This Lure will be available for the 2014 kokanee season so keep an eye out for it. 

The wife and I with a boat load of kokanee!!!!

I talked my good friend Greg Loe into fishing the derby with us and we got an early start so we headed as Far East as I wanted to fish and started to fish toward the west. 

Greg Loe working a fish to the boat…  This is the spot where we had five fish on at one time not sure what you call that… “A Cinco”

I told shawn child he couldn’t enter the adult competition!!! He’s been killing it on the lake WATCH OUT guys he’s going to be way better than the kokaneekid this KID has kokanee DNA… Get him on a PRO STAFF NOW while you still can!!!!!

I not sure if people thought about this but having the rods in the east sky sure helps with the low light.  Because it was dark we started the day off with glow wing arrow flash dodgers with glow hoochies, glow Spin N Glo’s, and glow Apexes.  Then as soon as the sun hit the water we switched up to see if the chartreuse was still a winner, but if you know anything about kokanee fishing it’s really rare to have a two day winner.  Things had switch over to orange with Spin N Glo’s, Fire Wedding rings, and Orange Mysis bugs taking most of our fish teamed up with 24k gold Arrow flash dodgers, and 24K gold Vance Tackle dodgers.  We had a ton of fun at the derby and ended up in 8th place with 70$ in our pocket and 99 kokanee in the cooler.

GOLD was the ticket!!!!!

 We didn’t fish Sunday and we came home early so I could fillet all those kokanee.  If you haven’t fished a derby yet it’s a ton of fun there with a ton of people who are just as crazy about kokanee fishing as you are.  The Odell Lake Derby is coming up soon it will be held August 17th at Shelter Cover Resort and Marina for more information visit http://kokaneepoweroregon.com

Boneless, Skinless Fillets… Now that’s a ton of fish… NOTE: It took me six hours to fillet all those fish on Sunday…

P.S. My Pro-Cure Garlic Mix is still working BIG TIME!!!!! Thanks you Pro-Cure for making the best scent on the market…  http://pro-cure.com/ I sell these products on my website so check them out..

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