Green Peter Reservoir 06/22/13

So the weather is heating up here in Oregon and at our lower elevation lakes the water temp is going up while our kokanee are going down. Green Peter’s surface temp was running 67.9 on Saturday and as a result the kokanee are moving to the lakes thermocline layer which means my downriggers got a good work out. The kokanee are running from 50 to 80 down in the water column, but if you don’t have downriggers no fear I pulled out the longline gear out and 3oz of weight a Cousin Carl and orange bell ringer was in the target zone and still killing them. I prefer using my downrigger because I can use my light weight Lamiglas CG70DR rods http://www.lamiglas.com/ teamed up with a Abu Garcia super light weight Revo HS STX reels which only weighs 6.35oz http://www.abugarcia.com/. Even with the small size of fish at Green Peter it’s still tons of fun with the light weight gear I’m using. Ok here is the kokanee report Debbie and I took good friend Greg Loe, and his son Cody fishing with us on this advernture.

Cody Loe is a professional rodeo roper and as you can see he can even rope a kokanee

Cleaning up after getting a double on the boat…

The fish are running small again this year, but they are getting fat because the lake is full of food. Fish are running deeper and I would target them from 40 to 70 feet in the water column. Some of the fish are starting to move down toward the dam but they are smaller down there and I found some bigger ones east of the island on the left hand side of the lake in a spot my dad showed me where the shore drop straight off to around 130 feet. Some bigger fish and lot’s of them plus the best part, “NO BOATS!!!”

As we looked west on the lake it looked like a zoo up around the island and I kept teasing my crew asking them if they wanted to move locations. Made lots of changes in tackle and caught them on a wide mix of gear, but my Orange Bell ringers with the gold hammered blades caught most of them teamed up with a Poulsen Cascade dodger. Best speed I found was 1.3mph and a 25 foot setback, and My Garlic Corn mix was “HOT”. If you haven’t used Pro-Cure yet here is my mix, and if you’re looking to buy some Pro-Cure I sell a wide mix of scents, cures, and dyes on my website.

Cody gearing up the Lamiglas!!!

Drain all the water out of your Green Giant white shoepeg corn then use a spoon to fill up a small Rubbermaid container half full. Reason for the spoon is so you don’t get any leftover corn water in your container. Sprinkle on Pro-Cure “Kokanee Killer Korn Magic” like you’re seasoning a steak but you have really bad taste buds. Then sprinkle on some Pro-Cure “Garlic Slam-ola” like you’re seasoning a steak but you’ve got really bad taste buds. Add a couple large tablespoons of Pro-Cure water soluble “Fish Oil Garlic Plus”. Fill the container up the rest of the way with corn and repeat this process, gentle shake the container and put it in the refrigerator the night before your fishing trip. Make sure you keep your corn cold, and out of the sun while on the boat. I keep my corn in a small cooler with a frozen gel pack to keep it cold fresh and presentable to the fish I’m targeting. this was my top scent last year, and it’s still working extremely well for me in 2013.

Picture of the crew with the days haul

Now the real work begins

Lots of kokanee at Green Peter this year it’s just they are running on the small side. I’m hoping to make it up to Paulina, and East Lake this year to get you guys a fishing report from the Newberry Crater. Have fun kokanee fishing this year and we’ll see you on the Lake!
Fish On kokaneekid

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