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The KokaneeKid Mission Statement

  • To convert all fisherman into kokanee addicts.
  • Remember with the kokaneekid there are no secrets! I’m here to help put kokanee in your boat.
  • To get people involved in helping protect & preserve this great fishery. “Kokanee Power of Oregon“.
  • To help my fellow fisherman see the true value of this wonderful fish.
  • To increase your knowledge and ability to catch this elusive creature.
  • To show you different techniques on how to clean, cook, and care for your catch.
  • To give information on cutting edge tackle & the go to gear in the my tackle box.
  • To give truthful and up to date fishing information. Like my dad told me, “Take good pictures and tell a great story the rest will be history”!

I’m here to answer any and all questions, “Well just one’s about kokanee fishing” I hope you find this site helpful and if you would like to see different videos, article, or advice feel free to contact me I’ll see what I can do.  Enjoy your stay and tell your friends.

Thanks Again, KokaneeKid