Green Peter 05-11-12 & 05-12-12

So my expectation for my trip on Friday was that fishing was still going to be slow and that the fish would have dropped a little bit and hopefully starting to put on some size.  Because the water temperature is colder by the dam we spent our time east of the Island.  The water temp was still very cold running around 54 degrees and the fish are from the surface to around 30 feet and are not schooled up at all.  Although I did find a few pods of more than 5 fish in a few locations, I think the biggest school I marked was around 10 fish.  Fish are still very small 10 to 12 inches and they haven’t started eating anything yet, their stomachs are EMPTY, plus they haven’t put on any size from my last trip in April.

Wife Debbie & Jerry with a couple of doubles

Fish seemed to still want a slow troll .9 to 1.2 and a long setback 45 to 70 feet.  Top gear of the trip was Chartreuse with Orange head R & K micro hoochie, Orange Glow Super Micro hoochie, and a Glitter Pink Chartreuse Tiger Spin N Glo.  After I started picking them up on the Chartreuse hoochie I moved to the Pink & Chartreuse Spin N Glo and really started hammering them.

Ok now the real work begins… Fresh Kokanee!!!! Yes!!!

Jerry, Debbie and I ended our day with 27 kok’s which was way more than what I was expecting, but not as many as I would have liked.

Saturday I took Greg and Joan Loe fishing so I could show them how things worked on my boat.  I met Greg at the Portland Sportsman Show and after he twisted my arm I thought it would be cool to take him out and teach him more about kokanee fishing, show him the ropes, give him a quick jump start, and send them on the fast track to “LIMIT CITY”.  Maybe someday he’ll be putting on a kokanee class and can talk about how the “KID” helped him get into the Kokanee Game.

 Greg and Joan Loe getting the hang of it, and picking it up Very Fast!!!  They’ll be Kokanee Pro’s in no time.

Since I had fished on Friday I had an idea about what was going to work and since I make the Glitter Pink Chartreuse Tiger Spin N Glo I took four out of stock and put them in my tackle bag.  I was the first boat on the water and we headed east of the island and went to work.  I started to show Greg how I rig up for the day put a Arrow Flash dodger on with my lucky Spin N Glo went back 60 feet dropped the rod down 10 feet to stack my second rod and before we could stack the second rod I already had a fish on.  I knew this was going to be a good day.  I had what they wanted and it was fun marking fish and then calling out the rod that was going to get hit.

  I asked Greg & Joan if they wanted to keep all the kokanee… Let’s just say I didn’t have to ask twice.

We had to get off the lake early and by 12:00 we had 34 kokanee in the boat, not bad for an early season trip.

Things to note: Pro-Cure water soluble Fish Oil Garlic Plus with Pro-Cure Slam-Ola garlic powder, and Pro-Cure Kokanee Killer Korn Magic was the mix the fish wanted both days.

Hope to see everyone at my Kokanee Seminar on Tuesday May 15th @ 7:00pm at Keizer City Hall 930 Chemawa Rd NE, and the first Kokanee Power of Oregon Derby @ Green Peter on May 19th Visit for entry forms..

Fish On kokaneekid

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