Green Peter 6/11/11

Ok so when you don’t do as good as you should have or could have there are a ton of things that will come to your mind.

Did I fish in the right Location?

Was I using the right gear?

Was I fishing at the right depth?

I was one fish away from placing in the top ten and four fish away from first place I did end up with 20 nice kokanee but nice only counts for one thing when you are kokanee fishing and it’s the number one reason why I fish for them.

Even though my team, Chester, my wife Debbie, and myself didn’t make the top ten we ended up in 15th place and we all had a blast fishing Green Peter and supporting Kokanee Power of Oregon. We brought my nephew Niilo along with us and he got second place in the kid division and reminded me about how fun it was to fish with my dad as a kid, along with all the things I have learned from him. I hope he is paying attention because some day it might pay off.

Ok here is my Green Peter summary… We caught our two biggest kok’s on silver Apexes 20 inches back from a Sling Blade, but the majority of the fish were caught on Spin & Glows 6 inches back from a sling blade… The best set up was an orange sparkle Spin & Glow with Mylar wings behind a custom Sling Blade that I made… This is one of the dodger types I have been trying to get a lure manufacture to make for me but because of cost haven’t gotten them in production yet so I had to make it myself and my dad said he wanted me to make a few for him. This is one of the biggest complement I could have gotten from the old man. I was still using a 15 to 18 foot setback and was running my gear at 60′, 55′, 50′, and 45′ feet. Fish are still not grouped up like last year, but they are a lot bigger, and I think you can expect some really big kok’s coming out of Green Peter during the month of July and August but maybe not the number as last year. We used my dad favorite scent and only scent that we use on his boat, NCS… I don’t think he likes the mess plus he can be kind of OLD SCHOOL at times, not that that is a bad thing I love fishing with him and always look forward to learning a few more tricks to put in play on my boat. Hope this report will help in putting some kokanee in your boat because that is the number one goal at

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