Green Peter 04-21-12 Early Season Fishing

So I’ve been waiting for a nice day to hit the lake to do some early season kokanee fishing.  The goal wasn’t  to hammer a bunch of fish, but to make sure the boat and equipment is working, to see what my experimental stuff looks like in the water, and to eat some fresh kokanee.  I picked a perfect day to do all of this and for an early season trip at Green Peter the fishing wouldn’t have been that bad if I would have landed all the fish we hooked.  I took my wife and Robbie from R & K Spinners with me on this early season adventure and we had a blast.

  Robbie and the Kid with a couple of nice ones

Ok let’s get down to the details,  the water temperature is still very cold and ranged in the very low 50’s so the majority of the fish are on the very top of the water column.  I ran two rods on the downrigger 60 feet back and down eight feet, and then long lined two rods 70 feet back.  When you are running your gear on the downrigger that far back you can single out any fish that shows up on the fish finder, which I did mark a few pods of kokanee in the 50 foot range which paid off when I attacked them.  Orange Tiger Spin N Glo was the hot lure first thing in the morning.  I was 1 for 9 on that setup and my wife told me that I was done reeling in the fish I guess she wanted to fill the cooler.  When the sun hit the water we switched over to the new glitter hoochies, which worked great when I attacked fish deeper in the water column we were 2 for 7 on the hoochies.  With the long line gear it took me awhile to find a lure they wanted with the Nickel Moon Glow Cousin Carl I finally used a silver and gold wedding ring with a gold #2 Colorado blade I was 2 for 4 on that setup.

 Top gear of the trip…

Are you starting to see a theme on this fishing trip we hooked a bunch but only landed a few, we even had one triple and two doubles which is very rare for an early season trip at Green Peter.  The area of the lake that I normally like to target for early season kokanee fishing was socked in with debris so I spent most of my day down by the island.  We ended the day with only five kokanee in the 10 to 12 inch range, found a few issues I need to fix with the boat checked out some new tackle and gear that looked great in the water and had a relaxing day of fishing with my wife and Robbie.  But the biggest reason I went fishing today was for some fresh kokanee.  When the kokanee season starts after what I call The “Long Wait” I always forget how good fresh kokanee tastes.

 Haven’t see this since October.

Trust me it tasted way better than it looks and it looks really good!!!!!

So if you’re going to fish Green Peter run your gear way back, be patient, attack any pods of kokanee you see deep, and enjoy the day.  As for me I’m going to wait a few weeks for the water to warm up fix a few issues with my boat and try it again in a couple of weeks.

Don’t forget about the Kokanee Power of Oregon Derby @ Green Peter on May 19th for rules and entry forms visit

If you have any other questions about this trip feel free to E-Mail.

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