Green Peter 06/05/11

I just wanted to say this website is a work in progress so your patience will pay off I promise. My goal is to give you the tools you’ll need to be able to fish with confidence and give you the best chance to limit out , with that being said I would like to give my first report.

Green Peter 06/05/11

Hit the lake early and the fish are not schooled up YET. They are running from 45 to 30 feet of water and caught most of them at 40, 15 foot setback and 1.4mph. Pink & chartreuse Spin & Glow’s worked well along with homemade silver & gold wedding rings with a #2 gold Indiana blade. Got our first two kokanee using a chartreuse R & K micro hoochies 6 inches behind a Shasta Tackle sling blade. I have been doing some custom work on the Sling blades messing with different types of tape on the front and back side of the dodger. If you would like picture of what I’m working on I can send you a picture if you E-Mail me… [email protected]

The fish are scattered so if you find some stay on them because they are hard to locate. Most of the fish were picked up by the floating restrooms south of the island and we checked out most of the lake. Didn’t go east of the island very far, but a few people told me they had good luck by the dam even though I only picked up three in that direction. I used three different types of corn scents, New Can Smell, Anise, and bait & brine with sand shrimp and salmon eggs on the top to color the corn pink. The pink colored corn seemed to do better than the others, but who knows I still have to play around with my mixes NCS seems to be my favorite at this point in time and it’s not as messy. Tried lots of different things so don’t think I didn’t throw the kitchen sink at them I did pick up 15 really nice kok’s and a handful of Rainbow that went back into the lake… Come on I’m the kokaneekid not Rainbow Randle.

Remember if you see me on the lake stop in and say, “HI”…. I’ll be at the Kokanee Power of Oregon derby on Saturday the 11th hope to see you all there and I will always post here where I will be before I go out… Here is a link to the Home page for Kokanee Power of Oregon it’s the only group in Oregon dedicated to the enhancement of the kokanee fishery so GET INVOLVED. I would love to talk fishing with you at the derbies

Good Luck & Fish On kokaneekid

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