Big Fish at Wickiup Reservoir

If your looking to pick up some oversized Kokanee this year in Oregon, get that boat geared up and head over to Wickiup Reservoir.  The fishing isn’t, “Red Hot” but with the opportunity to pick up fish over 20 inches it will make the lower numbers worth it. Orange and Gold are hot color’s for that lake, but don’t overlook Chartuse and Gold. I’ve got word that Chartuse has been working very well this year.  This is a shallow lake so having a GPS with a lake map is a must. Fish are on the surface but with all this warm weather don’t be surprised if you start seeing them stacking up in the channels.



Check out the Orange & Gold Mysis Bugs/Super Mysis Bugs, and the Chartruse & Gold Mysis Bugs/Super Mysis Bugs

Good Luck and we’ll see you all on the Lake
Fish On Jeremy Jahn

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