Odell Lake May 23 – 25, 2015

We were really excited to go fishing for three days over Memorial Day weekend, after dialing in the lake the weekend of the 18th the expectation was to have three epic days of fishing.   This weekend we took our really good friend Barb Baxter, who helps us out a ton with our business.  The secret to early season fishing at Odell is finding fish and staying on them.  This weekend we marked some monster schools down by the East in.  When I say monster schools, I mean a Garmin screen full!

First day of fishing, orange was the color.  We caught them on a mix of orange lures, from R & K purple head with orange tail Hoochies, to orange and gold Super Mysis Bugs, Orange Spin N Glo’s and orange Mysis Bug with a smile blade.  On day one, we really worked for our limit but ended up in the early afternoon with 50.  A lot of the fish we caught were 40 – 60 feet and we trolled 1.2 mph.  We also used Pro-Cure Garlic Tuna scent mix and it worked as predicted.


Day two, was what I like to call “easy breezy”.   We found fish in the same location on the East end of the lake and then dialed it in to a pink with silver blade Mysis Bug and paired it with a silver Arrow Flash Dodger.  This set-up was the hot ticket and even though it was breezy, we caught our 50 easy.  We did have a few set backs….. we caught three Mackinaws which took us out of the kokanee game for over two hours.




Day three, Barb invited her friend Mark to fish with us.  It was the best day out of all three.  We had the location, we had our lure and dodger picked out and the East end of the lake is almost at that magic 50 degree mark which is causing the fish to school up deep, 50 – 85 feet.  We had our 50 before 11:00 with double, triples and quads all morning, oh my.


This week I would expect the water temperature to move up with the warm weather and I also expect another great weekend of fishing for the 30th & 31st.

Hope you all had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend and we’ll see you guys out on the Lake.

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