Odell Lake July 27th Thru July 29th

When is “Prime” Kokanee Fishing?

Just like every Salmon Species, Kokanee are full sized toward the end of August thru first part of September, depending on the lake temperature and elevation of the lake. I’m not saying you can’t catch kokanee year round, but to be honest with you I’m a fair weather fisherman.  If I can catch a “Full Sized” fish in August while wearing shorts, a tank top and flip-flops, that sounds like a winner to me. 

With all the pictures of kokanee being caught in the winter months, I think people are getting the wrong idea of when is the best time to catch these Land Locked Sockeye Salmon.  There are a few fisheries were earlier season is better because they are shallow fisheries. Wickiup is a great example of this because the fish can’t get into the ideal 53 degree water temperature later in the season and in my opinion they start tasting like mud by Mid-June.  When you have a deep cold lake where kokanee always have the ability to get in that ideal temperature, the later you fish the better.  I love seeing the fish get bigger and bigger every week, the end of July thru the first part of September is my favorite time to target this fishery. First, the surface temperature is in the upper 60’s to low 70’s so all the fish are stacked into that thermocline. Second, the fish are super aggressive and fight like they are trying to break out of Jail.  Third, they are way bigger, super fat with blood red meat, and did I tell you about the fantastic weather.

Ok, let’s talk about Odell Lake, the fish are smaller than last year, but there is a ton of feed in the lake so they are starting to catch up.  The Kokanee are really stacking into the ”45 – 75 feet” depth, with the thermocline right at 55 feet.  Because the fish are so active and aggressive, your going to want to pick up your troll speed to 1.5mph – 1.7mph.

Remember early season slower troll speed, later in the season get that boat moving with the fish.  Also, don’t fish in the normal spots like the west bay, once the algae bloom hits the lake those fish move with it right to the east end of the lake and trust me they are stacked in like cord wood with no one fishing on the East End, until you all read this post.  Fish are running 11 to 13 inches with some next year’s fish running 6 to 9 inches.  Each day is different but Twisted Hoochies, Spin N Glo’s, Super Mysis Bugs and Mysis bugs catching all our fish this last weekend with either Silver or Gold Moon Glow Wing Arrow Flash Dodgers. 

We boated 170 kokanee in three days with Pro-Cure water soluble Garlic/Sand Shrimp and a custom mix I call “Ocean Mess” being our top Corn Scents for the weekend.   I’m taking this next weekend off, but I’m super excited to fish the first part of August because it’s going to be EPIC… 

If you see me on the lake and your not sure what’s going on, troll by me and ask, I’m more than happy to point you in the right direction. You can also stop in at Odell Lake Resort, I’m normally in at the boat docks or I’m up helping out at the Resort and I love to talk fishing.

It’s Prime Time…. Catching is way batter than Fishing so Get out there and catch a limit or two..

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