Odell Lake 08/18/11 – 08/21/11

So I went to Odell Lake for the Kokanee Power of Oregon derby and  I was surprised not only on the turn out of the derby but the size and quality of the fish we caught.  Debbie and I planed on fishing two days before the derby to get a feel on how the lake was fishing, and I never thought I would say, I wish it wasn’t fishing so well.  Day one my goal was 25 fish, but with my wife on the boat we got 30 by 9:30am and I was starting to worry about the two day limit after the first morning…  Top rig for day was R & K super micro hoochie, I ran four different colors pink, orange, glow, and chartreuse and it didn’t matter I still had a hard time keeping four rods in the water.   25 foot setback 1.4mph and in 65 to 50 feet of water even though I got one in 12 feet of water, there is just a boat load of fish in that lake. 

My fish finder never went blank I was always marking kokanee no matter where I went.  Day two was a different story they seemed to want a slower pace 1 mph to 1.2 and pink spin and glows were the ticket even though they weren’t red hot they were consistent we again ended the day early with another 30 kok’s in the same depth with a 15 foot set back.   I was worried about having a banner day on the derby so I gave 10 fish away so we could catch 50 if needed.  Day of the derby I screwed up and I have learned my lesson all the big fish are in the trapper creek area, but with so many boat fishing in that location I didn’t want to fight the crowds.  Odell has two different varieties of kokanee one’s that spawn in the creeks and one’s that spawn on the shore.  The fish that spawn in the creeks spawn earlier and are bigger than the shore fish this is my big tip for the next derby, just don’t crowd me during the 2012 derby just wave and say thanks for the tip KID.  Glow super micro hoochies worked really well first thing in the morining, but again I turned to pink spin & glows and we picked up 38 fish. 

 I really wanted to go home with 100 fish so Sunday morning I went out to catch my 12 fish, but a few friends talked me into catching more than that and giving them away at the dock so we picked up another 30 pretty easy on AGAIN Pink Spin & Glows 15 foot setback and in 65 to 50 of water. 

Top scent for the trip was Pro Cure Bad Azz Hot Pink Dye, Pro Cure kokanee magic, Pro Cure anise krill, and some salmon eggs.  This worked really well last year so I used it again I had four different scents worked up but this pink package was HOT…

All and all it was a AWSOME trip and a AWSOME derby with a ton of great people and a ton of fish and I’ll be fishing it again on Labor day only difference I’m brining my father in law and daughter Sadie so I can bring home 200 kok’s this time and not have to worry about catching too many. 

If you have any other questions or need more insight feel free to contact me I’m here to put limits of kok’s in your boat.  

See you on the Lake

Fish On kokaneekid

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