Odell Lake 08/31/13 – 09/02/13 Late Season Action!!!

Looking for some late season kokanee action?  Then look no further than Odell Lake.   Odell Lake is located on hwy 58 in central Oregon and because of its extremely high elevation and extremely cold water tempature the kokanee take a long time to progress into the spawn.  Plus this year the fish are really nice sized and next year’s fish are really nice sized which means if you are looking for some kokanee fishing in October Odell lake will be a good place to fish.  My wife and daughter had great time fishing over the Labor day weekend with some absolutely fantastic fishing. 

Brittany White working a kokanee into the boat!!!

I wanted to take it easy this weekend so we all slept in and didn’t start fishing until around 8:00am and didn’t stay on the lake very long and still ended up bringing home 130 kokanee in three days of fishing.  Orange was the hot color with my Mysis Bug, and Orange Twisted Hoochie really taking most of our fish. 

Day One haul!!!  Showing off my Lamiglas Rod with Abu Garcia Revo STX – 50/50 Arrow Flash Dodger with a Orange Twisted Hoochie..

These are new lures for the KokaneeKid website that I will be selling for the 2014 kokanee season, and they have both been extremely effective at most of the lakes I have fished this year.  Ok here you go most of the fish are running 50 to 70 in the water column and they wanted a faster troll 1.3mph – 1.6mph with a short setback on the downriggers 20 feet on my bottom rods and 15 feet on my top rods.  Also when I saw I was going through a big mess of fish a quick 30 degree turn seemed to produce a lot of action on my rods.  I used Gold & 50/50 Arrow Flash dodgers on this trip, the 24k Gold Arrow Flash dodger will be for sale during the 2014 kokanee season I’ve been testing them out all season and they are working GREAT!!!..  

  Brittany and my Wife Debbie with another 50 kokanee on Day 2

I spent most of my time on the east end of the lake and I was trolling North to South instead of West to East like most of the boats on the lake.  This will put more reflection on your gear from the sun and the fish aren’t used to seeing gear running that direction in the lake.  “TRY IT OUT!!!!” 

Our goal was 25 kokanee on our last day, but by the time we did a fish count we had 27 in the cooler so we caught 30 in 2 hours of fishing… Orange Mysis Bug was killing them I had all four rods running them and couldn’t keep them in the water… Crazy Day of fishing..

This is what 260 boneless kokanee fillets looks like – What a haul!!! If your in the market for a new Vacuum Sealer check out http://www.qualitymatters.com/Vacuum-Sealers-s/54.htm I got a Vacmaster VP 215 and I love it.  I spend a ton of time taking care of my catch and want it to last so I picked up a Professional Sealer and it was worth every penny!!! Tell them that the KokaneeKid sent you…

Also If you are looking for a place to camp while fishing Odell Lake check out Shelter Cove Resort & Marina…  http://www.sheltercoveresort.com/  Make sure you tell them that the KokaneeKid sent you…

 If you have any question about this trip feel free to call me (503)302-5093

Fish On Jeremy Jahn

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