Odell Lake July.

Ok people have been wondering why I haven’t been fishing very much this year, and to be honest with you sometimes life gets in way of your passion.  With my son getting married, a dog with back issues, one dog with cancer, a deer with a arrow in it, and two acres to manage I’m finding myself staying home more than I would like to. 

Ok for Odell Lake Report, Fishing isn’t fantastic but if you work your gear you’re still going to catch way more fish than your wanting to clean.  Fish are on the west end of the lake, but don’t fish in the cove until the Mirada leaves in search of fish.  I’ve been fishing from Breezy Point to Shelter Cove and back until the cove clears out.  Most of the mature fish are on the west end and they are running all over the water column but most of the biters are 40 to 70 feet.  Don’t forget when the water temp warms up your trolling speed needs to go up 1.4mph – 1.7mph was the magic number.  Also with the algae bloom don’t forget Chartreuse.  Super Mysis Bugs and the Twisted Hoochies boated most of our fish and with most people Struggling and catching very few to no fish take some advise and buy the right tackle and use it to produce a catch worth the trip. Garlic Shrimp and Ocean Mess were our top scents with a short setback and fast troll speed seemed to get a consistent bite. 

We did some Mackinaw fishing but it isn’t red hot we got 6 in two days in the afternoon with Mag Lips 3.5 from Yakima Bait Company.  Put them down 120 in the 120 to 140 foot line by the View Point.  But it isn’t Red Hot but Debbie’s Uncle Jim had a blast bringing them in with Lamiglas KokaneeKid Rods.  

Kokanee are starting to pick up some size almost pushing into the 13inch range and should be growing ½ inch per week they are eating really well and the meat is blood red!!  If your looking for a weekend to fill up the freezer get up here and limit out.  They sell my gear up at the resort and are willing to give you the up-to-date information to catch way more than you’ll want to clean. 

Algae is here but already starting to go away in the West End I’m thinking it will be gone in a week or two, not that I mind fishing in it… It keeps the boats away!!!


Fish On Jeremy Jahn  

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