Odell Lake 07/28/12 – 07/30/12

So I headed to one of my favorite fishing locations in Oregon, “Shelter Cove Resort & Marina” on Odell Lake http://sheltercoveresort.com/ to fish for what else “KOKANEE”.  This lake naturally produces its own kokanee population and is just loaded with tons of high quality fish.  The sized of the fish is smaller than I expected only running 11 to 13 inches but they are putting on weight and in excellent condition.  You will also pick up some smaller fish which are next year’s fish running much smaller, but they are great if you fillet and skin them for Fried Beer Batter Kokanee.

The fish are scattered all over the lake I think because of the boat harassment they have been receiving since the opener in April, and the fishing was slower than I expected only catching 24 on Saturday, 15 on Sunday, and 30 on Monday.  Pink and Purple R & K hoochies and Pink Spin N Glo’s picked up the majority of the fish behind a White Glow Wing Arrow Flash dodger, and Moon Glow Wing Arrow Flash dodger.  I fished Saturday & Sunday with my in-laws and Monday with Dave, Art, and Jerry.  Dave had invited me to do a Kokanee Seminar in Portland and he wanted me to show him and a couple friends how things worked on my boat.  I normally don’t let people on my boat but so far this year I’ve meet a great group of people and by showing them how things work first hand I hope it produces some more die hard kokanee fisherman.

I started out all three days by the rock slide, but I picked up a ton of fish on Monday in the afternoon east of Breezy Point.  Most fish were caught at 70 feet with a 15 and 10 foot setback with a very slow troll, .9mph – 1.1mph.  I’m headed back to Odell on 08/05/12 & 08/06/12 and I’ll let you know how things go.  There are still tons of fish but they are scattered so if you work your gear and stay on the fish you will still have a successful day of fishing.  I would also expect them to start grouping back up in the next week or so.

Also make sure you sign up for the Odell Lake derby on August 18th it’s a great time for the whole family. Plus Jim Kielblock puts on a oyster feed the night before the derby for all participants.  Kokanee Power of Oregon will also be conducting a silent auction Friday night with some great stuff to be had.  For more information on the derby please visit http://kokaneepoweroregon.com/

Fish On kokaneekid

P.S.  Randy has been giving me a bad time about no updates on the website so this one is for you!!

I would also like to say I have met a great group of people while fishing and running this website and it’s nice to have people call and Email me letting me know how things are going.  If you have questions about kokanee fishing and want my perspective feel free to contact me I’ve been giving out my cell phone number and love talking kokanee fishing, just ask my wife.  (503) 302-5093

Randy thanks for the harassment to update the website can’t wait to meet up with you and the family on Friday at Wickiup.

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