Detroit Lake 06/25/11 & 06/26/11

Ok so I went CAMPING at Detroit this weekend with my Wife Debbie our daughter Brittany, and one of her friends.  I did bring my boat, but I wasn’t going to fish the lake very hard, and it wasn’t going to be my focus on this trip, “I’m sure most of you are thinking is the Kid feeling ok he doesn’t sound like himself”

Ok let’s be honest Detroit Lake is a great place to go camping & boating, and it’s great if you like to catch those just off the fish truck rainbows that they plant 100,000 every week, but for the hardcore Kokanee Nut it’s not on the top of my list with a five fish limit and bad kokanee reports since 2007… I almost left the boat at home on this trip.  Here is the good news I didn’t fish very much and we had nonstop action when we went out.  I let about 60 rainbow go back in the lake, and got 4 really nice kokanee around 14 inches kind of a nice surprise, I also hooked into something really big just off the east side of the island that broke me off.   After that  I said a few choice four letter words and quit fishing Saturday evening after only being out for one hour, can’t believe I messed up like that. 

All kokanee caught by the south side of the Island between South Shore and the North Santiam camp grounds using an orange Spin & Glow with mylar wings two small silver beads and an orange Fishing with Gary dodger.  Kokanee are running at 50 feet of water, and I was using a 20 foot setback on the downriggers.  Corn I mixed up was White Shopeg corn with Pro-Cure Chartreuse Lime UV liquid bait dye and some Pro-Cure wizard kokanee killer korn magic.  Never used either one of these products before, but since they are a sponsor of Kokanee Power of Oregon I thought I might give them a shot.  I think I might be hooked corn looked great and the Korn Magic firmed up the corn perfectly plus it looked fishy if you know what I mean.  I gave some of my corn to a guy up at my camp site because he was going to make an early morning Sunday fish and he picked up four kokanee using Spin & Glows and the Corn I worked up just like I told him, also in the same spots.  This was a very relaxing trip and we are going back next weekend for the firework show and I might get my lazy butt out of bed really early and try my luck for a few more 14 inch Detroit Lake kok’s.  It’s nice to see the kokanee are making a comeback I just wished ODFW would plant as many kokanee as they do rainbows.  I think this could be a great kokanee lake with all the camping and easy access for boaters, plus it’s close to Salem.  I think it could help boost the economy of the small town of Detroit and draw the vast kokanee fishing hoards to try a catch this wonderful fish.  I hope people are paying attention that when a kokanee  lake is fishing good people start to show up out of the wood work to almost over populate a lake to fish for this Silver Bullet.  This not only helps the local businesses, but also the local economy, plus it helps to fill my freezer with the best tasting fish around.

 Here is a picture of the Average Rainbow being caught at Detroit lake…  Fish was released unharmed!!!

 Four nice kok’s from Detroit Lake….

Like always if you would like to hear about a product, or kokanee subject, or if you have any kokanee fishing questions drop me a E-Mail at [email protected]  Remember I’m here to put kokanee in your boat.

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