Wickiup July 21st – 23rd

So my wife and I decided to leave early so we could pre-fish for the Kokanee Power of Oregon derby on the 23rd.  I have fished the lake before with my dad but I was only a kid, so we were both fishing the lake blind and I didn’t have a map of the lake on my GPS so I was really blind.  With Wickiup being a very shallow lake with lots of ups and down I could see someone losing a ton of gear to the bottom of the lake.  After the first day I had mapped out a 1 1/2 mile block of the lake that didn’t get any shallower than 48 so I felt really comfortable fishing in the area without the bottom of the lake making off with my gear.  The first kok I picked up was a 14inch monster it ripped line out fought like crazy and I was getting excited if they all looked like this. 

 First fish in the boat… Things are looking GOOD!!!

 Just as we netted it my wife’s rod goes off with a bang this one ripped even more line out fought like hell I had to put the boat in neutral and after we netted it I couldn’t believe my eyes my wife had just caught a 16inch kok. 

The next fish I picked up was a lot smaller only around 12 inches and just like the last fish my wife’s rod goes down again and this one doesn’t want to surface very unlike a kok, after I got it in the net I realized my wife had just picked up a 17inch 2lb kok. 

 Man she is LUCKY

 I think I need to take her to Vegas she has got to be the luckiest fisherman….. I mean Woman I have ever fished with.  If I catch a big fish there is no doubt in my mind that my wife will beat it and then rub it in my face for the rest of the day this was the repeat all weekend long.  Ok here we go the fishing a Wickiup is slow, but the fish being caught are monsters and fight like nothing I have ever seen.  I stacked my rods one at 40 feet and one at 20 with the other side at 45 and 25.  Wedding rings seemed to be the ticket but I ran them way behind my boat.  I had a 50 foot setback on the bottom rods and a 40 foot setback on my top rods.  I used sand shrimp and salmon egg flavored corn and UV sling blades.  The speed they seemed to like was 1.2mph to 1.3mph and I marked lots of fish.  Most of the fish I picked up were on my top rods so I think the fish move all over the water column.  If you are planning on fishing this lake I would hurry up some of the fish are in the beginning stages of the spawn, but they still taste fantastic.  You can’t ask for a more pretty and exciting lake to fish in Oregon and I know for a fact I will be fishing it again next year.  The smaller fish we picked up are next year’s fish and they are already 11 to 12 inches… I can’t wait to see how big next year’s fish are going to be I hope 19 to 20 inches.  Even though I picked up some big fish they were all on Thursday and Friday we did pick up 17 fish on Saturday, even though this was our best day of fishing out of the three  I couldn’t pick up a 2lber to put me in the top 10.

 Look it’s Christmas in July

 Here is my new autopilot system, “A Weiner”

 The only issue with the new autopilot is it brakes down all the time…

 Picture Perfect Wickiup

 Here is my biggest fish of the weekend… Wife told me she would have let that little one go back in the lake…

 Looks like I have some work ahead of me. 

Wife and I had a ton of fun along with my dogs… I’ll be heading to Green Peter on Saturday in hope to having a banner day…. I guess we’ll see

If you have any question or comments feel free to contact me.  Until next time I see you on the lake

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